Vermicelli payasam/Semiya Kheer

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Vermicelli/Semiya – 1 cup.
Milk- 1 litre.
Sugar – 3/4 cup.
Cashewnuts – 10 nos.
Raisins – 8-10 nos.
Cardamom powder- 2 tsp full.
Ghee -2tsp.


Boil milk and keep it aside.
In a pan,heat ghee and fry cashews to a golden yellow colour and keep a side.
In the same ghee, fry the raisins until it puffs up and keep it aside.
To the same ghee,add vermicelli/semiya and roast it till it turns into a light golden colour.(Do this
in low flame so that the semiya doesnt get burned up).
Now to this ,add the boiled hot milk.
Add sugar and stir till its fully dissolved.
Then add the powdred cardamom and cook till the vermicelli is done,occassionally
stirring in between.
Garnish with fried cashewnuts aand raisins.Serve hot or chilled and enjoy!

As it cools down,the payasam/kheer may get thicker.You can add more milk accordingly.
You may add vanilla essence instead of cardamom.I always make it that way…since my kids
love the aroma of vanilla essence in the payasam…
You can make the payasam/kheer even more richer by adding condensed milk and reducing
the amount of sugar.


One thought on “Vermicelli payasam/Semiya Kheer

    ADA PRADHAMAN « foodpassionandlove said:
    May 20, 2015 at 2:56 am

    […] prepare it whenever Ada is available here at the stores.Though our kids prefer the “white” Semiya Payasam  more, me and my husband are one crazy Ada Payasam loving […]

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