Malabar Chicken Biriyani(Restaurant Style)

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I have made Chicken Biriyani a lot of times..And it has always come out really great…But they were all home made versions..You know,the typical home made biriyani.When ever I had Biriyani from the restaurants in Kerala,specially the Malabar Biriyani,I have always admired flavourful the rice is…I used to always wonder how the flavour or spices would penetrate deep into the rice..and I always longed to make that kind of be precise,the restaurant kind of Biriyani,until yesterday.I happened to mention this to one of my friends,Jyo,my college mate,my first room mate,and now my really close bud.And it  was her inspiration that led me to make this wonderful,flavouful Malabar Chicken Biriyani!!!,leaving me totally satisfied.This has got the exact restaurant style biriyani’s aroma n taste..and this is my first Dum Biriyani!!!I am sooo delighted and here I share this wonderful recipe.This post is specially dedicated to u dear jyo!!
Ingredients :
For cooking rice
 Basmati Rice – 4 cups
Water – 8 cups
Cloves – 7-8
Cardamom pods- 10
½” inch long Cinnamon sticks- 5-6
bay leaves – 2
A handful of fresh mint leaves
Freshly squeezed lemon juice-2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Ghee – 5 tbsps
Thick Coconut milk – 1/2 cup
Marination of chicken pieces
chicken pieces – 1 1/2 kg
turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
red chili powder – 1tsp.
Garam masala – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil – 1tsp
For Chicken kurma
sliced garlic – 5-6 pearls
sliced ginger – 2 inch piece
 Indian Green chilies-2
 ghee – 2tbsp
thinly sliced big onions – 4 cups
tomatoes chopped – 2big
yoghurt – 1/2 cup.
red chili powder – 1 1/2 tsp
coriander powder – 4 tsp
turmeric powder – 3tsp
chopped coriander leaves – 1/8 cup
chopped mint leaves – 1/4 cup
whole cashew nuts – 8
almonds – 5
Shredded seedless dates – 1 cup
For grinding the Biryani Masala Powder
cloves – 10
cardamom pods – 8
 small 1” inch long Cinnamon sticks – 3-4
 Shajeera – 1/2 tsp
fennel seeds – 1tsp
 mace- 6
For layering & garnishing:
 raisins – 1/2 cup
 cashew nuts – 1/2 cup
1 medium size big onion, thinly sliced
Caramalised Onions – 1 cup
finely chopped fresh coriander leaves – 1/2 cup
A pinch of saffron
2tbsp warm milk
  1. Grind garlic, ginger and green chili to a fine paste and keep aside.
  2. Soak the nuts (Cashews, almonds) in water for 20 mins and then grind to a fine paste and keep aside.
  3. Marinate chicken with turmeric powder, red chili powder, Garam masala and salt for 30 mins. Shallow fry the chicken in oil for 2 mins each on both sides. ( You don’t have to cook the chicken fully as this is just to keep the chicken pieces firm).
  4. In a wok, heat 2 tbsp ghee and sauté thinly sliced onions, until golden in colour. Add ginger garlic paste sauté till they turn a nice brown colour. To this, add tomatoes and sauté. Add chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves and combine well. Also add the ground masala powder, chilli powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder and mix well with all the ingredients and sauté, until the raw smell of the spices is gone.Add the shallow fried chicken pieces and cook on low to medium flame.
  5. When the chicken is half-done, add the yoghurt and the dates and cook covered and when it is almost done, just before turning off the stove, add the nutty paste and mix well.
Cooking rice
Heat ghee in a pressure cooker,add the whole spices and saute till it emits an aroma.Now add rice and saute well.To this add Water ,coconut milk and salt and cook for 3 whistles.When pressure releases,open the lid,gently fluff with a fork ,add the lime juice and spread on a tray and keep it aside.
Layering and Dum
Grease your pan with some ghee. Randomly place some chicken pieces along with gravy in the bottom of the dish; then spread some cooked rice, some fried nuts, fried raisins, caramalised onions and finely chopped coriander leaves,  and also a few drops of saffron milk. Repeat this layering process for the remaining rice.Place lid and and seal the edges with wheat dough. Place the dish on the hot iron tawa for 2mins and then reduce and cook for 20mins. Turn off heat and keep it aside for 15 mins before serving.
Conventional Oven Method:
Preheat the oven to 350F. Close the oven safe dish with aluminum foil and bake for 20-30 minutes.
Transfer directly to the serving plate. (Do not mix the gravy and rice). Garnish with fried onions, nuts and raisins. Serve with Salad and pickle.DSC02034
Recipe Source: Kitchen Rhythms



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    This is awesome. I am bookmarking this

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    Wonderful post, it is really a helpful one. thanks for sharing it and i’m hoping for more delicious recipes from this site. More power 🙂

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