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The climate here is intolerable..!Though there are  some cool showers in the night time, the heat during the day time is unbearable with high humidity. I have heard from some of my friends who work outside in the site that sometimes the heat is so worse that they find slight difficulty in breathing…If I didn’t have my 3 year old boy in my life, probably I would be in the site too..working in the hot heat..Oh..I didn’t tell you right? I am actually qualified as a Civil engineer but more than that I am full time Mom to my three lovely little kids and talking straight from the heart ,I now prefer playing with my kiddos and building with Lego Toys much more that drawing plans and construction stuff at the site. And an added joy for me is I am a full time Food Blogger , which is one among my passions.

Coming to the topic…Summers are too hot here that we have to find different ways to cool our body…So why not do it the refreshing and delicious way? I have been having Watermelon juice almost EVERYDAY from the past two months. I have tried many experiments with watermelon..using mint leaves etc… but have not been satisfied …One thing I have to say I find sugar has really got that magic to elevate the taste of watermelon to shear pleasure !You know..This recipe was totally an experiment. But the results were so good. This is by far the Best Watermelon drink you will ever find! You have my word for that .I have used Club Soda here in this recipe along with lime juice.

When I prepared this drink for my husband, he was like “Is this Agua Fresca ?”He said he had the same drink a few years back in a restaurant during an official meeting and was fascinated by the name. It had a similar taste to this.

Agua Frescas are Mexican drinks which are so refreshing to beat the hot summer heat. There are both alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Versions of Agua Frescas. Mine is a non alcoholic Kids Friendly one. Here I have made a watermelon Agua Fresca. But however, you can also substitute water melon with Mango, Strawberries or Cantaloupe.


  1. Water melon – 3 cups(deseeded and cubed)
  2. Water – ¼ cup
  3. Sugar – depending on the sweetness of watermelon(I added 4 tbsp)
  4. Club soda – 3 cups(chilled)
  5. Lime juice – juice of half a lime
  6. Lemon slices – to decorate


  • Blend the watermelon cubes, Water ,lime juice and  Sugar in a blender.
  • When done,add chilled Club Soda to it. Pour into glasses and decorate with lime slices.Serve and Enjoy!!!


    vegantarian lifestyle said:
    May 25, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    Sounds really good 🙂


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