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I am a die hard Mango lover..!Its in June-July that it is the Mango Season in many countries of around the world…My favourite time!And when mangoes are not in season,I go for canned mangoes!So you can imagine how much I do love mangoes!I like Mangoes in any form…Its simply delicious…!Dont you agree?

My childhood..I have many sweet mango memories…the times i grew up in my grandparent’s home in kerala(a beautiful state in the southern part of India).June would be the time when schools all over India would reopen after the long year end holidays…New uniforms,new bags,new books,new friends..And at the end of the day after school…there used to rains…My grandparents home was quite near to my walkable distance..and the roads would be full of muddy puddles…I remember jumping and splashing each and everyone of them 🙂 Childhood innocence..Then back at home…in my grandfather’s land(or parambu as we malayalees call it 🙂 )….there were a lot of mango trees…different varieties of them…some very tall,some very short..and the entire place would be filled with fruity mangoey aroma..the trees with the leaves wet from the monsoons..their branches would be literally drooping to the ground because of the weight of the many juicy mangoes…


And I remember my grandmother…she used to always have a glass of some drink always ready for me when I would be back from school..And during the Mango was Mango smoothie time after school…I used to so so love it a lot…So here today I made this very  nostalgic Mango Smoothie…very easy to make and extremely delicious!!


  • Ripe Mango – 2 cups(peeled and cubed)
  • Chilled milk – 1 cup
  • Sugar – as needed(Depending upon the sweetness of the mangoes)
  • Cardamom powder – 1 tsp


  1. Add all the ingredients above mentioned in a blender and blend till smooth.
  2. Transfer to serving glasses and Enjoy!!

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