Month: July 2015


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Its been quite sometime since I posted anything…Really sorry about that 🙂 How have you all been? The past few months have been like crazy….no time for anything and a hell lot of tensions and stress..Talking about stress..there is this corner in my kitchen…i like to call it “my cozy corner”…when I am totally stressed out..I spend time here quietly..either cooking something simple or just sitting here and having a cup of strong tea or a glass of some cool drink to chill off…Do you have such a cozy corner in your home?I have many friends who have one 🙂

Today I bring to you a milkshake recipe…a refreshing,creamy yet light but filling drink – The Oreo Milkshake..!I made it for my kids when they were back home from tuitions…after school..Being chocolate lovers and oreo was a perfect drink for them!Though I am not much of an oreo lover,I must admit this oreo milkshake was really good.Its very simple to make.Do try it!


  • Chilled Milk –  1  1/2  cups.
  • Oreo cookies – 12
  • Vanilla icecream  – 2 big scoops
  • Chocolate syrup – 2 tbsp(I used Hersheys)

For topping:

  • Crushed  oreo cookies –  4(Roughly Crush with your fingers)
  • Chocolate syrup (optional)
  • Vanilla icecream – 1 scoop


  1. In a blender,blend milk,oreo cookies,vanilla icecream and Chocolate syrup.
  2. Pour into tall glasses upto 3/4 th level.Top with a giant scoop of vanilla icecream, sprinkle a few crushed oreo cookies and drizzle chocolate syrup on the top.Serve immediately and Enjoy!!